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 KAT-TUN (Kamenashi Kazuya's Going! my way) - Potato February 2011

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PostSubject: KAT-TUN (Kamenashi Kazuya's Going! my way) - Potato February 2011   Tue May 03, 2011 12:35 am

Translation. Beginning of Kame's serial in Potato. Going over what Kame did in Going! up until that point and he talks about his thoughts and feelings about the program.

New serial starts!

Kamenashi Kazuya's Going! my way

A collaboration serial with Going! where Kamenashi acts as the baseball special supporter starts. This month, while looking back at the activities he has done so far, we had him talk about his thoughts towards baseball and the show. Starting next issue, we're going to do total coverage on location and go close to Kamenashi who is giving his all, so look forward to it!

At first, I was extremely nervous at the fact that I will be in a news program. Right now though, while still having feelings of nervousness, I got used to the atmosphere, or perhaps I should say that there's the feeling that it has become a part of me properly, so it's really fun.

The projects are often born from casual conversations with the staff. The homerun project too, it started with my one phrase of "(Hitting a) homerun must feel good". I want to hit a homerun by the time the season starts! Even though the ball won't fly if I don't put on some weight, it'd be bad if I have too fat of a body for "Dream Boys", so I have to slim down. Since I'm a Johnnys (laughs).

It was intense when I participated in a baseball team's entire training for a day. Things like how is my hairstyle, I had none of those thoughts. I don't worry about the camera. I don't want people to think "It's because he's an idol" and I'm keeping in mind to be able to the same (training) menu as players completely without any compromises. The next day though, my arms and shoulders would really hurt. Since I don't do anything to care for my body, I'm really interested in how the players who have their bodies as their means manage and it'd be nice if I can learn how they care for their bodies in a future project.

When I interviewed players, I truly felt that compared to doing the interview, being interviewed is easier. Interview is really a conversation, right? If the other person thinks "You're asking me because it's your job," then that person probably won't get into it. I myself too really feel the interest that the person who interviews has towards us. That's why I keep in mind to know about the person (I'm interviewing) beforehand. When I hear players' baseball theories, way to tackle things and such, I would think "I won't lose either" and my motivation is raised!

With that said, I'd be happy if everyone comes to be a little interested in baseball through this serial and I think it'd be nice if I can show a new side to me. Please treat me well!

(speech bubble - I will convey how baseball is interesting!)

Play back of challenges up until now!

Photo ❶ - Showdown with player Nishioka at opening ceremony!
Photo ❷ - Aim! Homerun

Comment ① - He got player Nishioka from Lotte who is also his friend out splendidly! "In the show, I try not to blur our positions of the one doing the interview and the one being interviewed to the end"
Comment ② - The homerun batter of the baseball world teaches him the essential points. "Some time ago, I reached the point where there was 7m left, but this 7m is quite far... That's because compared to the players, my physique is like a water flea.

Photo ❸ - Try the miracle catch!
Photo ❹ - Experience being catcher too!
Photo ❺ - Exhausted from batting from hell... [Note: A bit hard to translate but 地獄のノック/jigoku no nokku refers to ongoing batting for practice and catching the ball to the point you're super exhausted, hence the figurative hell description.]

Comment ③ - Challenge to catch a homerun on the fence's edge. "If I do it with the intention to go up there from the start, then I can catch it, but if it was during a game, then it's definitely impossible."
Comment ④ - "The batter speaks a lot. That's also a psychological battle with the catcher."
Comment ⑤ - A strict baptism from coach Nishimura of Lotte as well. "I had quite the dilemma where my body won't move as I want it to!" [Note: Baptism is the direct translation, but it's more of an expression, and whether or not there's a better word/phrase...it's not coming to mind..."]

Kame's Mail

Subject: First mail 2011/1/7

Good afternoon?

Good evening?


It's Kamenashi Kazuya

Professional baseball of the year 2010 was interesting

I will definitely hit a homerun with my own bat too
Please anticipate it
Well then, see you again

Pai pai


I made a mistake

Bai bai

credit : shatteredtenshi.livejournal

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KAT-TUN (Kamenashi Kazuya's Going! my way) - Potato February 2011
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