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 Jin Went For Takki's Concert 08/2010

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PostSubject: Jin Went For Takki's Concert 08/2010   Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:35 am

Today’s the last day for Takki’s solo concert, and Jin was the special guest!He even went on stage to chat with Takki for quite some time.

Jin’s attire was a yellow v-neck t-shirt, jeans, sandals, a gold necklace, black framed glasses and a black hat. (while chatting Takki attempted to take off jin’s hat, and jin even told him to stop fooling around! XD ) He had his hair tied up, and he was clean shaven.At first Jin came on stage during the MC, he said that he was supposed to come with Yamapi, but Pi was unable to come.

He even said this to Takki: “Sorry that it’s not Pi who came!”
When asked why did he come, he said he’s here to learn things!
Takki asked if he has any advice for the Mis Snow Man juniors who were the back-dancers.
Jin said playfully:” When appearing in front of Takki, remember to bow your leg a bit so that you won’t be taller than Takki!” XD

After hearing that, Takki chased after Jin and Jin escaped to the side (laughs)
Jin even said “Why did Takki did the same thing as 8 years ago!”
After that, they also talked about their outing to the Sea World. Jin said while on Takki’s car, the music played was Takki’s songs! (laughs) They also talked about how the Sea World doesn’t have dolphins.

Takki asked Jin: ” How are you recently? There are some who are worried about you!”
Jin said: “Recently i’ve been making music, it will be good if i can release an album, i’m also preparing for the US concerts.”
Takki: “Feels like it’s gonna be tough, but there are also many who are supporting you. Afterall you’ve gotten the chance, work hard aye!”
Jin: In the future there will be activities in Japan too~~
On the stage there seems to be a chair that will appear during the song “悪い男 Warui Otoko” (Bad Boy). so Takki purposely asked Jin to sit on that chair.
At first Jin was quite scared and said “After i sit on it i’ll fall off right?”
Takki: you won’t fall off la!
Jin: then can i sit on it handsomely? XD
Takki: Whatever is fine, just sit on it!
Jin: alright! and he added: My pose, looks really ero ne!
Takki: But Jin already has the bad boy image ah!
Jin: are you the paparazzi?
Takki: isn’t that your responsibility?
next when Takki was introducing the song, he said: “this song seems to be written for you…”
Jin: ah? what’s the title?….is it Paparats?
Takki: the “jin jin” parts that appeared during the lyrics should be about you..i was wondering ‘is this song written for jin?’ “
Jin:………i don’t know what to say XD
Takki: if feels really long talking to you
Jin: Takki-san’s japanese has become bad ne!
Takki: I’m a japanese! it should be yours that’s becoming bad! [he even whacked Jin’s head]
after that when Takki was singing Warui Otoko, Jin was even tied to the chair XD whenever he sang the Jinjin part, he’ll purposely point to Jin who was sitting on the chair.
After the song, Takki untied Jin and even took the chain and walked around the chair.
Jin: “Takki are you an idiot?! why did you keep on walking round and round?”
Takki (who was angered by jin): “You aren’t very popular, are you?”
Jin replied: “ah? i’m super popular oh!”
towards the end when Jin was about to leave the stage, he was requested to say something to the audience.
so he said: ” All of you must create a good memory with Takki today”
Takki: “Please reply sincerely!”
Jin: “I am replying sincerely! and all these are Takki’s guests!”
after returning to his seat he left only at the end of the concert (:

original text from wretch.cc/blog/luvjin/24088173
translated by wildsofmyheart @ tumblr
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Jin Went For Takki's Concert 08/2010
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