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 Jin June 2010 interviews

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PostSubject: Jin June 2010 interviews   Tue May 04, 2010 10:35 pm

DUET 201006

It seems that currently, the public believe that I am going to end up living abroad. However, I am definitely coming back to Japan! Maa, talking about future possibilities, I want to challenge the identity of an actor in movies as well. Also, my future goal is to collaborate with foreign artists in making an album! Now, let's change the topic slightly. What should I do with my hair? Is it okay to keep it long and have a "warrior" (samurai) sort of feeling while I'm in the US? Or should I just cut it short? I'm worrying about this... what should I do?

POTATO 201006

Regarding the matter of going to the US, it seems that I have made many fans worry. But please, do not worry too much. Furthermore, please do not believe in rumors. As long as you believe what I say and continue to support me, I will be very happy. At the same time, KAT-TUN is currently doing a 5-member concert tour. This is only because of the fact that our projects clash. It is only our projects that separate us. Right now, all of us are going all out, giving our very best! With this as our usual basis, I believe, a bright future is waiting for the six of us.

WINK UP 201006
I'm currently preparing for the LA lives. To have a show overseas has always been one of my dreams. So, when I received this opportunity, I was really happy! However, I was a bit worried, because this is the first time I've ever done such a thing, and I cannot use the kind of English that I usually use... But even with the cumulative stress and worry, it isn't quite as strong as my excitement! ^^ Regarding this, some might feel lonely while I'm in the US, but I'm there just to hold a live, not to move there permanently! I, too, don't want to miss this opportunity! Since I have been given the chance, I will give my everything for it! I have never said that "I will not return to KAT-TUN"! So, if you come to see my LA shows, I will be really happy! If you have the opportunity, please see it~! Working up until now, I realized that I am almost 26 years old already. But then again, I think to myself, perhaps now is the best time!

credit: luvjin & lineelu2001

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Jin June 2010 interviews
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