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Otanjoubi Omedettou Tanaka Koki & Taguchi Junnosuke!!! Lot's of love from us!!!~~~XD

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 wink up 2010.01 kat-tun junno's part

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PostSubject: wink up 2010.01 kat-tun junno's part   Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:19 pm

wink up 2010.01 kat-tun junno's part

A man's instinct Taguchi Junnosuke

The theme of the last interview this year is "male feelings". Casual things that girls say or do, are there times where you have to act as a man? It seems the real intention of "male" feelings came closer (to you). Also, we will hear about the highlights of the live DVD which was released on 16th of December!

A girl that likes Shounen-Manga. Which is the typical male feeling?
I have it. If she has the weekly published Manga magazines or various volumes of a Manga inside of her bag, it is totally OK. If it's mainly like that, I don't care. But if she's like totally Otaku, I don't feel that it is cool at all. I myself, I have a lot of different interests. So I might be the type that asks "Which Manga is it? Tell me about it!".

Devil and angel. As a man, to be enchanted by one of these, which is it?
Angel. I don't totally dislike a little devil, but I think a pure girl is great. Because I am not that type, if a little devil girl comes to me we'd be troubled. I wouldn't talk much to her! The people I meet and talk to, I feel they're all angels!

Praising words by a boy which get you into feeling good are?
If it's a younger boy, it's nice when he says "I want to be like you~". It makes him living up to something, longing to become me right? That's cool

What's the highlight of the documentary featured on "KAT-TUN LIVE Break the Records" first press limited edition?
During the interview I got to visit Hiroshima. Those 2 days in Hiroshima, when I got up in the morning I saw all in front of my eyes! It was a pleasure to go visit Itsukushima Shrine. This was the best. That time I couldn't settle down there, but I was able to see it. It's still a place I want to go to! I think… Whatever season, if the weather is great and there is no cloud at all it is great. I think it is a location that I can harmonize with. (laughs)

What do you do recently?
On Koki's birthday, I gave him a cactus in a pot. They sold 3 tiny cactuses in a big pot to create a Rastafarian pattern1. Apparently I met him, this year we had work on Koki's birthday and he looked really great! I was glad. But the timing with giving a present can always bring fail with it, right?

Praising words by a girl which makes you more feeling like a man?
It would never be said but if, it would totally make me happy if it was "you're so reliable". What's next? It's an honest "Thank you!". If it's no praising, at least she should be grateful. A grateful feeling is so important; it makes the reply be nice too. Like, "My pleasure!"

A girl exaggerates with reactions. What's really annoying for a man?
Not a problem at all, I think. There are times where my tension is up and I have big reactions too. If we sympathize and our reactions can get similar or even simultaneously, I would be so happy!

A girl starts immediately to cry, even if it's not a big thing. How do you feel?
That's a total NG! Also if she always cries, that bothers me. The type that gets deeply moved to tears is OK. Or no, that is really good I think. Sometimes I am also moved to tears, at movies or such. Sharing our tears then, that is good. Feeling the same and getting moved at the same time, synchronizing that- I think that is great.

After the make-up is removed, a total different person appears… Does this shock your male feelings?
Shock! But I guess a girls face without make up is better, like, at home. It's natural. Usually, if you don't overdo your make up it's also okay. I like that, and if it's a party… the etiquette should be good too. When there's make-up, she should do it like, "I decided on it, so I will do it!"

credit : snow_xpress @ Lj

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wink up 2010.01 kat-tun junno's part
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